XIM Peel Bond review

XIM Peel Bond is a popular product for exterior house painters in North America. I have been trialling it and these are my findings.

Once you start scraping off loose paint, it’s very difficult to blend the scraped areas in with sound paint by sanding alone. Time-consuming fine filling is prone to premature failure, and completely removing all the paint is often not a financial option.

After watching a few YouTube videos by Chris Berry (Idaho Painters) I became intrigued by a product called Peel Bond. A product that can be brushed, rolled or airless sprayed onto uneven (but sound) surfaces to blend in or hide imperfections. A product such as this would be a real winner in North America where many of the houses are wood clad and the removal of most of the paint would become a logistical and financial nightmare.

To my surprise I found a supplier of this Canadian product in the UK, BDS Paints Ltd, and bought a couple of quarts to try.

XIM Peel Bond review first appeared on Traditional Painter


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