Painting and decorating in Warwickshire

I am an expert in all aspects of interior painting and decorating, and although I am an old school decorator, I am up to date with most of the important advances in my trade:

from dust-free sanding and eco cleaners through to high-class water-based paint finishes, digital wall art, ornate coving.

Dust free sanding

One of the most important advances in the past few years has been in dustless sanding. We have access to the latest power sanders and Abranet abrasive technology and can sand down ALL surfaces faster, more thoroughly and cleaner than by any other conventional methods employed by the vast majority of painters and decorators in the country.

Eco cleaners

Thorough preparation is the key to high class finishes, and we now have citrus based cleaners that quickly and safely remove all dirt and grease, even wax, in double quick time. And without damage to you, me or the environment.

Water based paints

In 2004, the majority of woodwork was painted with oil based products. I decided to branch into water-based paint and have since honed my skills to apply and select the very best water-based alternatives by brush, roller and spray. I am confident you will not be disappointed by the cleaner work environment, fast drying times, and of course the look, feel and durability of the final finish.


Traditional wallpaper is still very popular, but there is a growing demand for woven papers (paste the wall type) as well as digital wall art. I am up to speed with all required hanging techniques and adhesives and sealers required to hang wallcoverings from all the main manufacturers

What next?

If you are looking for ideas about decorating your home to a very high standard, and are in the Warwickshire area, please contact me. I will be happy to explain the options and advise you.

I have photos of various projects, and write articles on my blog, explaining how I solve decorating problems, and how I approach my trade.