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Traditional Painter

I am a member of the Traditional Painter UK kitchen painters network, a select group of decorating specialists hand-picked for their skill level and commitment to quality. I am proud to be part of this group, following their strict code of conduct.

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Free quotes

I am happy to submit a free no-obligation quote for decorating work in and around Warwickshire. See the decorating services I offer.

1 – Firstly, take several good photographs of the area to be decorated.

If it is a kitchen for instance, take a photo of each wall with units, so I can see how many cupboards there are. If it is a lounge, there are several panoramic apps for mobile phones that will capture the whole room. With a photo, I can work out a lot of the process and options, so I am well prepared when I come to see you.

2 -Email the photos to me

In the email, please include as much information as you can:

3 – Include any information that might help me. eg

Kitchens: please tell me what the cabinets and doors are made of, name of company that fitted it, if you know. Any damage please take a photo so I can assess the repair work involved.

Colours you have in mind

Alterations and modifications you have considered

Rough time scale before the work would start.

4 – Quotes are fully itemised

I include a break down of the work, specify the process for each task, list materials and include a price per item.

If a deposit is required, that will be stated, along with any terms and conditions. Under TrustMark, all deposits are insured.

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I have written a series of articles for this site and other sites, explaining my approach to decorating. If you have any questions, please contact me, or join me on Twitter where I would be happy to further explain or clarify any points raised in my blog posts.

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